Half Life Show

11: Leveling up your Career

Mar 11, 22 | 00:55:56

In this episode, Subu and Vikram discuss what a successful career means, and what it takes to achieve it in various stages of one's career, with examples from Tech CEOs to Navy Admirals. They also discuss important career decisions such as: Should you job hop? How to negotiate salary? Is remote work good for career?


So good, they can't ignore you - Cal Newport
True Learning is done with Agency

Admiral Hyman Rickover
Doing a Job: The Management Philosophy of Admiral Hyman Rickover


00:00 The 3 Pillars of Career Success 
08:55 Timelines of Very Successful People 
17:45 Early Career Moves 
30:04 Mid Career Moves 
38:34 Late Career Moves 
43:18 Should you hop jobs? 
46:35 Should you negotiate pay? And How? 
51:33 Is Remote-Work good for your career long-term? 
55:13 Outro 

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