Level Up Your Podcast

Onepod is a transcription and full text search service built for podcasts

Transcription 🎙️

Transcripts make your podcast more accessible and organically enhances its SEO

We provide a convenient way to transcribe your podcast at an affordable price

Episodes can be transcribed automatically as they are published to the podcast’s RSS feed or manually per episode

Transcripts are hosted for you on a rich webpage which includes clear speaker identification, scrolling text highlight and the ability to play audio by clicking on transcript text

Search 🕵️‍♀️

Onepod's signature search indexes transcripts and show notes, allowing listeners to easily find content from past episodes

Search results can be filtered and sorted based on podcast episode, speaker and published date, and audio can be played right from the results

A search bar can also be embedded in your website's home page

Cherry on top 🍰

Hosted and managed

We bring these services to you in a convenient, hands-free approach. The transcripts and search are hosted for you at a special URL

Members only

Onepod can integrate with your podcast’s website (Wordpress, Ghost, Squarespace and many more) and make the transcripts available to just your members.


We offer translation of transcripts to several languages and help make your podcast accessible to the wider world.

Level up your podcast

Our goal is to enhance your podcast’s experience for your listeners. To that effect, we are constantly developing new useful features for your patrons.


Onepod brings an innovative and feature rich approach to transcribing podcasts that current transcription services do not provide. It is a convenient, hands free approach based on your podcast's RSS feed, enhanced with essential features such as full-text search, hosting and translation.

The world of podcasting is uniquely vibrant and has become more than just entertainment. Amongst many things, it has become an important source of news, information, and a medium for education and discussion.

Onepod will allow patrons to engage more closely with the podcast content. Transcription will organically enhance your podcast's SEO and the scrolling highlight feature will make it more accessible to the differently abled. Translation will make your podcast accessible to the wider world. Search will help your listeners find specific content more easily.

We believe Onepod will enhance the value of your podcast to its patrons.


All plans include Search and Hosting



of audio

  • Better than AI generated transcripts
  • Transcripts include accurate speaker identification and are fixed for errors in key terms, increasing search accuracy and transcript quality
  • Price prorated at $0.50/min


of audio

  • Transcribed and quality checked by experienced transcriptionists achieving 99% accuracy
  • This plan is required for translation service
  • Price prorated at $1/min


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