Half Life Show

15: Priyanka Shetty: Art, Music & Theater

Nov 12, 22 | 01:24:55

In this episode Subu and Vikram talk to Priyanka Shetty, an actor, director and playwright who left her secure software engineering job to pursue a life of acting and theater performance. Her latest touring play is the Elephant in the Room, which was recently premiered in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, and is a solo performance, a one woman show, which is a tale of a search for identity with deeply embedded Indian roots, and finding context and common ground in America. We hear tales from Priyanka show on the road, the things that go wrong, and how the show must go on no matter what. We also go back in time to discuss how exactly Priyanka transition from software into a life she always dreamed about as an actor. We talk about how to deal with criticism constructively, and the power that words have in people's lives. And how inspiration takes many forms. It takes a lot of courage to pursue our dreams. And we are always in awe of people who do, especially when they do it for the love of art.

Priyanka's website
Supporting Priyanka's work
Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Wacken Open Air Festival
Gojira Band
Raghu Dixit Project
Black Earth Band
Chokher Bali by Rabindranath Tagore

0:00 Art, Music and Theater with Priyanka Shetty
1:33 The show must go on
10:49 Being in the moment
16:12 The Elephant in the Room, #Charlottesville and The Wall
29:33 Theater Trends, Heavy Metal Music and Society
37:32 Education for a Career in Theater
46:53 Appetite for Art in India
49:07 Priyanka's path to a Theater Career
55:48 Taking Criticism Constructively
1:02:50 Being inspirational to others
1:06:02 For the love of the craft
1:15:41 Ways to support Theater as an art form
1:23:50 Outro

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