Half Life Show

16: New Year Resolutions Never Work

Jan 16, 23 | 00:34:48


Inspired by the Cortex Podcast, this episode is about why new year resolutions don’t work and a better approach to setting your intent for the new year. Subu and Vikram reflect on how 2022 was and talk about their yearly theme for 2023. 

Last year’s yearly themes episode
Cortex Podcast - Our inspiration for Yearly Themes
Alan Watts Lecture on Taoism
Wu Wei
Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman
Fitbod App for Resistance Training

0:00 The Concept of Yearly Themes
5:14 Subu's Yearly Theme
15:10 Vikram's Yearly Theme
22:51 Core Principle: Restrict
25:23 Core Principle: Focus
29:37 Core Principle: Minimize
30:45 Core Principle: Optimize

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Let's Get Social