Half Life Show

18: Rebooting Your Health - Part 1

Jul 19, 23 | 00:50:26


In part one of this two-part series on rebooting health, Vikram and Subu talk about the importance of consistent exercise as we age, describe tools and frameworks that they use to get started on exercise especially strength training, and ways to develop consistency. They talk about workout programs that work, and those that do not, and why, how different programs are suited to different people, and how to design a 21-day workout challenge for yourself.


BowTiedOx - Your guide to baseline optimization
Peter Attia - Outlive
Fitbod.me - App for workouts


00:00 Introduction
04:35 Getting started with exercise
09:56 Frameworks for being consistent
21:11 Designing a 21 day challenge
25:47 Walks are under appreciated as exercise
28:33 Why strength training is essential
31:57 Starting strength training: The buddy system
39:55 Starting strength training: Join a 1hr strength session
43:32 Starting strength training: Fitbod app
45:10 Starting strength: Other considerations
48:21 Conclusion

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