Onepod is for Podcasters.

It aims to serve as an extension or companion to your podcast's website and enhance it's value to your patrons by adding three important features to it - transcription, translation and search. Onepod will host and manage a companion website for you with these features and will automatically update based on the podcast's RSS feed. The design and appearance of the website will be matched to your podcast's homepage so that it feels seamless to your listeners.

The world of podcasting is uniquely vibrant and has become more than just entertainment. It has become an important source of news, information, education and discussion. The goal of Onepod is to allow listeners to engage more closely with the podcast content.

We hope you find Onepod useful and as exciting as we do!


For any questions please write to us at hello@onepod.fm

How accurate is the transcription?

With good quality audio, transcripts are typically 99% accurate.

Are speakers labeled in the transcript?

Yes! If there is more than one speaker in the podcast, the transcripts clearly show who's speaking with an image.

Can Onepod transcribe and index my podcast's back catalog?

Absolutely! Back catalogs can be transcribed and indexed. Please contact us for pricing.

Can the search bar be embedded into my podcast's website?

Yes. On signing up you will receive instructions to embed the search bar natively into your podcast's website.

I've decided to end my podcast. Can I keep the Onepod extension alive?

Yes. You can keep your Onepod extension up and running for $10/month.

How and when will I be billed?

Since the length and schedule of a podcast is variable, you will be billed at the end of each month as per your usage.

I release podcast episodes very infrequently. Do I need to pay a monthly maintenance fee?

No. It doesn't matter how often an episode is released. There is no maintenance fee. You will only be charged for each podcast episode. If there's no episodes in a month, you will not be billed.