Onepod + Ghost

Integrating your Ghost website with Onepod will (1) restrict access to transcripts to just your members and (2) keep any new sign ups in sync with the Onepod system. This is a two step process.

Step 1: Exporting current member list

From your Ghost admin panel, export the existing list of members and email the CSV file to The image below shows where in the Ghost admin panel you will find the Export all members button.

Step 2: Automatically sync-ing new member sign ups

New member sign ups can be automatically added to Onepod through a Ghost Custom Integration.

1. From the Ghost admin panel, add a Ghost Custom Integration

2. Then add webhooks with the Target URL, that was provided to you, for three events — “Member added”, “Member updated” and “Member deleted”.

The Target URL provided to you will be of the form shown below. Please ensure there are no leading or trailing whitespaces.

3. Ensure the webhooks section in your Ghost admin panel appears similar to the image below.

Your Onepod + Ghost integration is now complete.


Please email us at for any issues with your Ghost integration.